Why Stake with Birds Pool?

We are an independent, single Cardano Stake Pool Operator with experience and integrity. We are focused on providing a reliable pool while maximizing rewards for delegators. We also want to have a lot of laughs along the way. We would love for you to stake with our pool.


What We Contribute

As an independent single pool operator, we contribute in the following ways:
A decentralized network of stake pool operators ensures the security and long-term viability of the Cardano network. Delegation to an independent single stake pool operator contributes to this end. Be weary of multiple pool operators such as Binance and One Percent Pool.
We give swag
Stake with us for a period of time and we will send swag. Stake with us for more than 20 epochs and you will receive a coveted unique Bird's Pool custom t-shirt. Stake for over 55 epochs and we will send you a custom engraved coin. Ask your Cardano friends if their stake pool ever sent them cool shit.
Serious... But not too serious
We have the technical background to run a reliable pool. A lot of pools can run a reliable pool to ensure somewhat of a maximum return on stake (ROS). Let's have some fun while we do it.

We Are Available To Help

We understand that responsiveness is key. Feel free to reach out with any questions!
E-mail: Contact@birds-pool.com Phone: 803-814-6815

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